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Universal Grinding Machines – Tradition Since 1883

  • Infi­nitely vari­able round table
  • Bal­anc­ing and radio­ing systems(Acoustic Emission)
  • Up to 5 work sta­tions – 4 man­drels and 1 tailstock
  • HF (high fre­quency) and belt mandrels
  • Fixed and rotat­ing dressers
  • Process-opti­mised cool­ing water supply
  • Bore grind­ing up to 1200 mm deep
  • Tool changer
  • Infi­nitely vari­able round table
  • Bal­anc­ing and radio­ing systems
  • Cus­tomised exter­nal grind­ing wheels
  • Fixed and rotat­ing dressers
  • Up to 4 grind­ing wheels
  • Up to 3 grind­ing dressers at a round table
  • More infor­ma­tion
  • Lon­gi­tu­di­nal mea­sure­ment – mea­sur­ing from the zero point
  • Posi­tion and axis measurement
  • Inside diam­e­ter measurement
  • Drilling
  • Ream­ing
  • Fin­ish drilling
  • Coun­ter­sink­ing
  • Milling
  • S3 machines with 5x tool magazine
  • S6 machines with 52/72 tool magazine
  • Inter­nal and exter­nal thread grinding
  • Thread­ing
  • Threads of high­est precision
  • Grind­ing of ball shapes
  • Roller bear­ing tracks
  • Numer­ous options through axial interpolation
  • Eccen­tric borings
  • Groove grind­ing in plane surfaces
  • Non­cir­cu­lar grinding
  • Poly­gon grind­ing (P3G, P4C and Capto)
  • Square grind­ing
  • and more
  • Fixed
    • Sin­gle point dressers
    • Diaform dressers
    • Pro­file dressers
    • and more
  • Rotat­ing dressers 
    • Dress­ing rolls and pro­file rolls
  • Com­bined pro­ce­dures of many dressers
  • Indi­vid­ual dress­ing technologies

Optimal For Your Requirements

Each machine is designed and built to meet your spe­cific require­ments!

Quality – Made in Germany

Our machines are designed and built by our expe­ri­enced engi­neers and tech­ni­cians in Glauchau.

Efficient and Reliable

The effi­ciency and ease of use of our machines will have a pos­i­tive influ­ence on your bud­get.

Building on the past we are moving steadily forward

WEMA Glauchau is a long-stand­ing machine build­ingcom­pany from GlauchauSax­ony spe­cialising in the production of high-pre­ci­sion grind­ing machines with sales exceed­ing 10,000 units through­out the world. Wehave been a mem­ber of the inter­na­tional lead­ing NSH Group since 2012.

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