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To meet the require­ments of our cus­tomers, our roller bear­ing grind­ing machines are built indi­vid­u­ally with vary­ing degrees of sophis­ti­ca­tion and dif­fer­ent design fea­tures includ­ing spe­cial solu­tions. The proven assem­blies of the roller bear­ing grind­ing machine fea­ture a strict mod­u­lar struc­ture:

  • for sequen­tial inter­nal, exter­nal and rim machin­ing oper­a­tions
  • for simul­ta­ne­ous inter­nal and exter­nal machin­ing oper­a­tions
  • for exter­nal machin­ing oper­a­tions
  • for inter­nal machin­ing oper­a­tions
  • for rim machin­ing oper­a­tions

The machines can also be equipped with an auto­matic han­dling sys­tem or linked as line machines.


  • Machin­ing jobs can be car­ried out on sin­gle or multi-row outer rings (OR) and inner rings (IR) of diverse bear­ing types (fric­tion bear­ings, roller bear­ings, ball bear­ings, etc.)
  • Three dif­fer­ent types of milling cen­tres (SW3, SW6, SW10) are avail­able to choose from
  • Bor­ings and tracks of inner rings and tracks and outer diam­e­ters of outer rings can be ground
  • Shoul­ders, rims, etc. can also be ground (as required)
  • The dif­fer­ent grind­ing oper­a­tions can be per­formed in sequen­tial or in simul­ta­ne­ous grind­ing pro­ce­dures
  • Out­side ring diam­e­ter of approx. 30mm to max. 900mm


  • Automa­tion avail­able on request
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